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Phoenix has designed the Cloud ROI Calculator as a tool to advise firms on whether they are ready to migrate their Document Management System (DMS) to the cloud, by giving parity to On-Premises and Cloud costs.

It’s a decision-making tool for IT executives and other senior management involved in deciding to migrate their DMS to the iManage Cloud, and it includes a detailed breakdown of the price of each element in the three cloud packages, as well as listing the unique costs that apply to cloud and on-premise systems.

It enables you to understand the value and opportunity of migrating to iManage Cloud, helping you look beyond the initial numbers to see how working in the cloud helps business operations be efficient, secure and smart.

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Join the hundreds of law firms migrating their IT infrastructure to the cloud.

Phoenix Business Solutions’ specialist consultants and strategic advisors bring deep product knowledge, strong technical expertise and years of experience managing successful digital transformation projects. With over 15,000 users and 1 billion documents migrated to the cloud, we are leaders in helping law firms and corporates to be efficient, secure and smart with their document management systems (DMS).

3 compelling reasons to migrate to the cloud

Lawyers and business professionals expect and are expected to respond rapidly to their clients and teams. Cloud systems such as iManage Cloud puts the knowledge, read more

A full and considered cost analysis tool

Migrating your DMS to the cloud doesn’t need to be as challenging as it may first appear. We have the tools to understand costs, benefits, ROI to make the process and decision easier... read more

Streamline processes and support scalability

Cloud facilitates process standardisation and collaboration between lawyers, practice areas and clients across multiple offices, and accelerates post-merger consolidation... read more

experience and expertise of the whole firm at their fingertips and keeps them on top of legislative developments affecting their cases and clients. It facilitates collaboration between internal and external stakeholders and organises and safeguards data, keeping firms and corporate legal teams secure, efficient and smart, enabling them to deliver over and above their clients’ requirements and expectations.

Cloud systems also add flexibility, helping users work more productively and enabling secure, easy access from any device, in any location, at any time. They enhance business agility, so they are a perfect fit for modern, innovative professional services firms.

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More and more law firms and corporate legal departments are realising the benefits of working in the cloud. But changing business-critical infrastructure and systems is a significant financial and operational undertaking that requires senior management buy-in and specialist support. Operationally, it affects current and future IT budgets, and involves practical considerations such as systems integration.

In legal, as in all professional services, time is money, so disruption and downtime are serious business challenges. Phoenix Business Solutions is the legal sector’s natural choice consultancy and strategic partner for iManage implementation and integration projects. Phoenix has been ‘iManage Partner of the Year’ since 2011, and no-one has more experience in migrating users and documents to the iManage Cloud globally.

Phoenix has applied its in-depth product expertise and extensive experience managing major enterprise transformation projects to develop the Cloud ROI Calculator.

The Cloud ROI Calculator is a decision-making tool for IT executives and other senior management involved in deciding to migrate their document management system (DMS) to the iManage Cloud.

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and integration. It also supports innovation, with the ability to switch on new systems across multiple operations and offices very quickly, without compromise and with minimum disruption. All this is particularly relevant for businesses that are looking to grow and need to make decisions quickly, as cloud systems facilitate scalability without all the headache associated with it. It's a system that grows with you.

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