On-Demand Webinar - Governance and Microsoft Teams: Taking Control

Are you rolling out Teams across your organisation?

We're receiving a lot of calls from our clients for a solution to help them manage Teams in a secure and governed way, that still allows for rapid deployment, and without disrupting today’s quickly evolving working practices. As Law, Accounting and Corporate legal teams create hundreds, if not thousands of matters per month, a challenge arises in how to track these activities with their associated matters and enforce information barriers and other security and privacy requirements.

In this recorded webinar from 19th May 2020, hosted by Chris Davis, Managing Director at Phoenix APAC, hear from David Malkinson (Managing Director at Phoenix) and Keith Lipman (CEO of Prosperoware) who outline recent trends in MS Teams adoption and give a shapshot view of an ungoverned Teams chaos.

You’ll learn about:
• Hidden costs of administration and why powershell is unworkable
• Information Governance issues
• Constraints of Teams
• A solution map of iManage and beyond
• High level design options
• The challenge and solution



David Malkinson
Managing Director @Phoenix Business Solutions
David delivers solutions to Legal teams and Professional services firms, using technology to help firms ensure their data is more secure, better managed and understood. He’s been working for more than 20 years with corporate, legal and professional service firms and has designed and delivered hundreds of Document Management projects. He was instrumental in establishing the global consultancy arm of Phoenix Business Solutions in 2007 which grew from a four man team to the 100+ team size it is today. During this time David has had a unique insight into the different challenges and complex environments that companies must manage and has delivered complex and advanced solutions for small-medium enterprises through to large conglomerates and global firms. These include a number of top 10 global law firms, financial institutions and professional services firms.
Keith Lipman
CEO & Co-Founder @Prosperoware
Keith is the CEO & Co-founder of Prosperoware and a known thought leader on information management and the transformation of the practice of law. Keith has been recognized two times by ILTA as a Vendor Thought Leader of the Year finalist, is a Board Member of the Matter Standards Committee, and is credited with creating the concept and patent for Matter Centric Collaboration. Keith has served in a number of professional capacities, including paralegal, lawyer, IT director, and technology consultant to law firms. Keith earned his BA, JD, and MBA from Temple University. He is a frequent speaker across many key industry events, author of multiple articles for Bloomberg, InsideCounsel, LTN, Peer to Peer, and others, and a contributing author of the books Corporate Governance Best Practices: Strategies for Public, Private, and Not-for-Profit Organizations, and Law Firm KM: Driving Practice Innovation and Redefining Service Delivery.


Chris Davis
Managing Director @Phoenix Business Solutions APAC
Chris is Managing Director of Phoenix in Australia and New Zealand running the regional team out of Sydney. He’s been with Phoenix for 9 years having set up their presence in the southern hemisphere in 2011. Previously he worked for DocsCorp establishing their offshore businesses and prior to that the ANZ Bank and IBM. Chris has worked with Legal and Legal Operations Technology for nearly 15 years and been in technology and innovation for over 25 years. He has a Masters of Management through Macquarie Graduate School, is an avid Skier and has travelled extensively living for a number of years in Europe.

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